Regarding “27 Year Sentence”

Reports that Karan and Afarin have received 27 and 16 year sentences have surfaced. The truth is After 18 months imprisonment, 5 months with no access to a lawyer, and 1 month of solitary confinement, there has been no official sentence. Karan and Afarin have been repeatedly misled and coerced while in Evin: They were… Continue reading Regarding “27 Year Sentence”

Letter from Roberto Toscano, Former Italian Ambassador

Ambassadors, including retired ambassadors, are supposed to be reserved, prudent, and to avoid going public, especially on themes that could be considered politically delicate. This time, however, it is impossible for me to keep my mouth shut [...] Their detention is not only despicable because of its blatant injustice, but also... Continue reading Letter From Roberto Toscano Former Italian Ambassador;

Letter from Paul Hulshoff, UNICEF

Mr. Karan Vafadari and Ms. Afarin Neyssari [are] two highly respected individuals [...] that are highly decent and honourable and could not be further removed from the charges laid against them... Continue reading Letter from Paul Hulshoff, UNICEF;

To My Father Held in Tehran’s Evin Prison

What Karan’s three children (Aundia, Cyrus and myself) want is the immediate release of Karan and Afarin as we know they are kind, and we are certain they are innocent and have committed no crime... Continue reading To My Father Held in Tehrans Evin Prison;